To register as a pilgrim, please complete the registration form below and then give a non-refundable pre-registration deposit of $25.00, payable to Walk to Emmaus, to your sponsor for submission. Handwritten forms can have legibility issues and make it difficult for the registrar to have the complete and correct information.  Therefore, if a handwritten form is completed by a Pilgrim, we ask the Sponsor to then input the information into the electronic form below.  Please click here for a printable PDF.

Both Pilgrim and Sponsor Registration Forms must be completed before a Pilgrim is fully registered to attend the Walk Weekend.

Pilgrim Information


Church Information


Medical Information

  • Please note the facility for the Weekends is not handicap accessible. You must be able to navigate multiple flights of stairs, several times a day. The building does not have an elevator. The Walk’s goal is to provide you with a successful weekend experience. With that in mind, we ask that you complete the questions below so that we may better assist you during the weekend. If you have any questions, please contact registration at
  • Prescribed medications must NOT be shared no matter the circumstances. Sharing medications is against the law and is unhealthy.
  • Emergency Contact (Other than Sponsor or Spouse)

  • Medical Contact


Sponsorship Questions